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KaitoriKing is a recycling and purchasing specialty store operated by a pawnshop. Precious metals such as gold and platinum, jewellery such as diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire, brand products such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, domestic and foreign brands watches such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Seiko, various kinds of vouchers, cameras, There is absolutely confidence in the high price assessment of instruments, new and used home appliances! We will also assist you in giving up, ending your life, organizing your life, and organizing your belongings.

Purchase of precious metals and jewelry

Money purchase increases with word of mouth and reputation! Expensive assessment of gold and precious metals purchases based on daily market prices! From accessories such as ingots and gold coins and ring necklaces to gold teeth, Anything is assessed exactly! I will expensive purchase! We also offer ingot division processing service! It is recommended for those who want to save money by giving and cashing in small portions.

Recent purchase price

本日の貴金属相場(Today’s precious metals market)

4月10日(土) 09:30発表 (As of at 09:30 on 04/10/2021)








NY為替終値 NY Exchange rate closing price(USD/JPY) 東京外為始値 TOKYO Foreign exchange opening price(USD/JPY)
¥109.65/68 ¥109.71/73
大手地金商 Other bullion dealers 買い(税込) buy(tax included) 前日比 The day before ratio
金(ゴールド)/GOLD AU ¥6,693 -23円(yen)
白金(プラチナ)/PLATIUM PT ¥4,586 -91円(yen)
パラジウム/PALLADIUM PD ¥9,680 +72円(yen)
銀(シルバー)/SILVER SV ¥96.25 -0.44円(yen)


※ Compared to the price on the previous business day 9:30 am excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
※ As for sale price, gold, platinum, palladium are kilobar denominations, silver is price per 1g of 30 kg denominations.

3月16日(月) 11:30発表 (As of at 11:30 on 03/16/2020)

金 ゴールド GOLD AU 買取価格(税込) Buying price(tax included)

品位(含有率) Content rate 買取価格/g Buying price/G
K24インゴット Ingot 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now!
※特定ブランド10g以上 Specific brand 10g or more
K24(99.0%以上 99.0% or more) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥5,482
K22(91.6%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥4,963
K20(83.5%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥4,507
K18(75.0%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! K18WG刻印のホワイトゴールドはさらにUP! ¥4,187
K14(58.5%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! K14WG刻印のホワイトゴールドはさらにUP! ¥2,891
K10(41.7%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥2,019
K9(37.5%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥1,795

白金 プラチナ PLATIUM PT 買取価格(税込) Buying price(tax included)

品位(含有率) Content rate 買取価格/g Buying price/G
Pt1000インゴット Ingot 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now!
※特定ブランド10g以上 Specific brand 10g or more
PT1000(99.0%以上 99.0% or more) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥2,722
PT950(95.0%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥2,582
PT900(90.0%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥2,536
PT850(85.0%) 高価買取キャンペーン!Promotion now! ¥2,367

銀 シルバー SILVER SV 買取価格(税込) Buying price(tax included)

SV1000(99.0%以上 99.0% or more) ¥35


It has been chosen because it allows accurate weighing and grading.

1.Items without imprints can be assessed quickly and accurately
2.Fast, accurate metal identification is possible for low purity products
3.Correspondence is possible for items that are difficult to judge at other purchase stores

In fact, many other companies in the industry have asked for assessment.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any metals that are unknown to individual customers and vendors.

Click here for Olympus X-ray fluorescence analyzer

We use a trade proof balance and a hydrometer that can measure up to 2 kg!

A & D Gram balance GX-2000R

Trading and certification balances that must be used when trading precious metals. The most popular in Japan is A & D certified electronic balances (specific weighing instruments).

Precious metal tester GK-2000 hydrometer

It is a precious metal tester and electronic hydrometer that can measure large objects such as ingots and statues up to 2100 g. The industry's first, it can be displayed money, pt, it is also possible to display the percentage of the main gold. It is an essential unit for manufacturing precious metals and quality inspection at processing plants.

Trade Proofed Balances are subject to periodical inspections every two years by the Japan Measurement Society.

Diamond Type I ・ Type II judgment unit "SCREEN-I"

In recent years, we quickly introduced equipment that can roughly sort synthetic diamonds that have begun to circulate in the market.

Clock purchase

Many reviews of clock purchase! Expensive assessment of luxury watches! The recommendation is a brand with relatively large volume such as Rolex and Omega. Please feel free to contact us first.

Purchase of branded products and jewelry

Many reviews of buying brand bags! Expert staff of appraisal is firm and expensive assessment! Various brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel are in expensive purchase! Please feel free to contact us first.

Purchase of other products

Big purchase only because you know various products! ! We are allowed to assess all products at high prices! Please feel free to bring it!

Reason for expensive purchase

Various handling products

Purchase shops with few handling items must make a profit with few items. Compared to that, the buying king has many items, so it can be sold at a low interest rate. Not only precious metals, jewelry, etc., but all products are subject to expensive purchase.

Profit distribution chart for one purchase item


In the buying king

All the stores of the purchasing king are “directly managed” stores, and there is no need to perform unreasonable training in short-term training such as a franchise store from several days to several weeks, and from the time of joining, training and education along the curriculum from six months It will take over a year. Newcomers who "joined" to buyers who will be able to assess your valuable items are not serviced. In addition, in the purchase king, the turnover rate for all the wide range of handling genres such as "precious metals", "jewelry", "luxury watch", "branded goods", "gold ticket", "camera", "home appliances", "instruments", "pencils, lighters" Because we have established a sales channel that can be sold immediately, we can buy it higher than other companies. Furthermore, as we have developed sales channels in Japan and overseas, we have a system in place to provide customers with timely information and prices.

"Providing a high purchase price that customers can satisfy with their important products"

This is our daily commitment to work as a policy of purchasing King.

Store location

Sapporo Atsubetsu

5-5 22-5, Asubetsu-ku, Sapporo
Maxvalu within


Odawara JR Shibamiya Ekimae store

3-5-9 Minami Kamomiya, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Tsujimiya Minamiguchi Building B


Yokosuka JR Kurihama Ekimae store

1-chome, Kurihama, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
1-8 Ginko Building 1F


Yokohama Nagatsuda store

Midori Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Nagatsuta 5-4-27


Shizuoka Ito store

Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Ginza Motomachi 7-24


Nara Gakuenmae / Tomigaoka store

Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Tomokugaoka 3-12-9


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